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Our Company participated in the first Anqing famous agricultural products (Shanghai) fair in 2014

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SecretaryYuofAnqingcitytasteddrinksonthespot  ThefirstAnqingagriculturalproductsfairin2014washeldinShanghaiagriculturalexhibitioncenterfromNovember26toDecember1.ThemainproductsofourAnhuiDelinGroupincl


Secretary Yu of Anqing city tasted drinks on the spot


  The first Anqing agricultural products fair in 2014 was held in Shanghai agricultural exhibition center from November 26 to December 1. The main products of our Anhui Delin Group include disposable starch-based tableware, tea wine series, blueberry wine series and blueberry beverage series.

  During the exhibition period, our Company's samples were sold out by exhibitors at the exhibition site, with sales reaching 50,000 Yuan. More than a dozen merchants were interested in reaching cooperation with us. Among them, three had signed agreements with us at the exhibition site and paid agency fees on site, with contracts signed at the scene reaching more than 4 million Yuan, and recently they have visited our Company for on-the-spot investigation. Our products at this exhibition not only show the corporate image, but also form a beautiful scenery line for the exhibition. More importantly, they bring high-quality products and rest assured products to users. They highlight the level and taste of this exhibition and thank the organization departments such as the agricultural Committee for giving us such a product display platform for enterprises.