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Leader`s Speech

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Reliable and dependable

Trustworthy and reliable. Looking at the two issues separately, what to trust and what to rely on? In fact, on one issue, that is, the issue of “letter" You must trust it before you can rely on it. The first step of a letter is the second step. In the final analysis, it is a word - “letter"! So, what “letters" should we have?

“Letter" to the clients

Be careful to promise that once you promise, you must honor it. Therefore, when making commitments to customers, you must be familiar with the Company's various management systems and the Company's product technical characteristics. Perhaps there are many companies that are currently trying to win orders by promising customers many performance that are not technically attainable, but we should not be tempted by this. Time will tell. As long as we grasp the survival time, we can definitely get the understanding of our customers. Imagine why people are willing to pay high prices to buy branded products. The reason is to trust and trust their words and deeds. No brand product dares to cheat its customers. As long as we let our customers know that our Company does not promise casually, especially some technical problems, I think that our customers will compare, think and think that our Company is trustworthy and reliable.

The “letter" of the product

That is, how to ensure that our customers choose our products is right. Only when the Company's products have a low failure rate and good service quality among similar products in the market and truly “think more than customers and do better than customers expect", then customers will think that our products are reliable and reliable.

At present, according to the principle of reliable and reliable work, we will definitely lose some markets in the early days because the current market is mixed with good and bad. Before the rules and regulations are perfect, it must be bad money that drives out good money. However, this kind of situation will not continue forever. Moreover, Delin has not done anything that is dishonest to clients or employees. Delin has always started her career by making clients and colleagues feel reliable and credible with low profile, responsibility and honesty. In the future, I will definitely stick to it. Although it is difficult, I will not give up.

We are a reliable and dependable Company after we have completed the three parts of the Company's “letter", personal " letter" and product " letter". But now we are facing problems such as imperfect system and fierce external competition. However, trust and reliance are the goals of our organization. As long as the Company exists, we must work hard for this purpose, and this is undoubtedly the right path.